Annual Pumpkin Carving Celebration

Katy & Merideth

This was a post fro 2011 but as we plan this years celebration, I thought I would bring back some old memories that we love. This is a celebration in our family every year.  We pull out the pumpkin carving tools, the fold out tables, and the everyone brings their own pumkin for our Annual […]

DIY Monograming a Pumpkin for Fall

pumpkin porch

I love FALL.  My daughter and I both love this season.  I think I could live somewhere that had fall all year long and would be so happy.  This year I monogramed a pumpkin for fall.  I had never done it and I was amazed at how fast it was to do. I just took […]

What do I do when I am not blogging

Give local parent life 1

What do I do when I am not blogging? I work with an AWESOME organization called Youth for Christ.  I specifically work with young teen moms.  I love it.  I love the fact that they are wanting to be good moms, want to finish school, want to be an example but still they are teens […]

Day 3 Give Him the Best of You

7 Days of Marriage Wisdom

Day 3 Give Him the Best of You The challenge today from Proverbs 31 Ministries is is Make it a point to give your spouse the best of you: the best of your touch, the best of your (good) attitude, the best of your laughter, the best of your words, etc.  Don’t always bring them what’s […]

Day 2 Nobody is perfect

The heart of the woman

Day 2 – Nobody is perfect Nobody is perfect and you are not the one to tell everyone about your husbands imperfection. What a fragile part of our husbands we hold on the tip of our tongues.  We can crush them in just a few words.  The power as wives we have in making sure our husbands […]

Hospitality on a Dime


Hospitality is something that we all enjoy doing.  But sometimes we need Hospitality on a dime. It could be simply just taking a meal to someone or opening your home for a dinner party.  Some people try to steer away from being hospitality because of the cost it brings to their family.    The cost […]

Day 1 Be the Person You’d Like To Be Married To

Be a person

Day 1 of 7 Days of Marriage Wisdom. Day 1 , whew, this one is hard.  Be the person you would want to be married to.  Have you noticed, or have I told you, I am hard to live with.  I blame it on being the baby of the family.  I blame it on having […]

7 Days of Marriage Wisdom

7 Days of Marriage Wisdom

  25 years of marriage and I still look constantly for resources on how to make my marriage better.  It is something that I hope I never quit working on.  Proverbs 31 ministries did a chart on 7 Days of Marriage Wisdom and it prompted me to take the challenge to do the 7 days. I […]

Small purchases might break the budget


  Small purchases might break the budget and you don’t even realize it. Spending less  is a goal for many, especially with the the economy being always wishy washy (is that a word? )  Saving money is not something that people wish they could do these days but something that people are doing to make ends […]

How to save money on your Utilities this Winter. Time to get ready for Winter!


I think the majority of the households in America this year has struggled in one way or another with finances and really don’t have much cash to spend on winterizing your home or with home improvements.  But just remember, every little thing you can do adds up so don’t just discount the fact that you […]