Crafters: Selling your craft online {how to get started}

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Crafters do you have a craft that you want to sell? If you are new to the online world, let me just start by saying, DON’T GIVE UP!!!!.   You will go several weeks with low sales but during that time is when you are building community and followers.  This is the normal but I have heard of a few that when they start up online selling, they jumpstart fast.  This is not the normal but can happen.

I have found 12 places online that are great to sell your items that are legit and easy to list on.  I want to take time over a few post to share with you my thoughts and advice on how to sale online and how I think each one of the 12 places I have found rank in ease and visibility to the readers.

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When selling online, you need to have a Rememberable Name.  My sister has been making clothing for over the past 2 years and selling to local boutiques and individuals.  She is ready to take her clothing line to the web now.  Her name of her company was cute but really didn’t appeal to target audience that she wanted with her product so she brainstormed and came up with another name that represented who she is.  I look forward to sharing this company with you soon.

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 Build you Social Networks.  Set up a page on Facebook with your company name along with Google +, Twitter and create a WordPress blog to where you can write about your products and showcase your items.  Make sure all social networks have the same name.  Don’t do some as one name and the others as another.  Keep it unison.

When you start your facebook page, put a few post on there before you start inviting people to view.  If you don’t have items for people to look at, they will not come back or “like” your page.  The facebook page is just like your personal profile page for the most case.  You can post pictures into albums and on your page feed.  Think through your pictures and put them in categories.  This will make it easy for people to see your products.  Once you have several items on your page, invite your friends and tell your friends to invite others too!

Google+ is a lot like facebook as far as the feed goes but Google + has so many wonderful other items that will be great for your business.  This is a post in it’s self.  You can have an email address specifically for your company, like mine is  You have Google docs that I LOVE.  I can access all my files anywhere in the world. (I can dream about traveling the world).  And many other items.  OH!!! your calendar.  That is like a life line to me.

Twitter is so easy to set up.  It is literally just signing up.  Once you are on twitter, make sure you follow people that sell items like you.  Start building your community.  Then start following companies that sell the supplies that you use to make your craft.  After that, follow friends & family along with who ever else you choose.  You can never have too many twitter friends.

WordPress website.  This one is a little harder to set up but if you have any tech blood in you, you can do it without a problem.  I suggest getting your name as a domain at Go Daddy and then having it direct to your wordpress blog.  Sorry, I know that sounds Greek to some but  I am sure once you start the process, it will flow and Go Daddy has a wonderful support staff to help.   If you go with Go Daddy, you can use this coupon code WOWThrifty to get 35% off your domain order.  That makes for a cheap domain registry.

I do help stay at home moms set up their social networks for their businesses for a small fee.  If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to fill out my contact form and I will connect with you.

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Online Venue Review


Artfire is an online venue for crafters to sell their items.  It has been established for a while and has a good following.  All the reviews that I have read have been positive.    Auction Bytes awarded ArtFire with the Auction Bytes Seller’s Choice award.  This is a huge award because most of the readers from Auction Bytes are small online sellers.

Here are the pros of ArtFire: 

  • No per item listing or selling fee.  You pay a monthly fee of $12.95 to list on their site.  
  • ArtFire focuses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) This might not mean anything to you but it is HUGE in your products being found by people searching online.
  • The customer can check out on the site and use three different options, which is Pro Pay, Amazon and Paypal.
  • You can create a store for people to look at through ArtFire.  This drives the buys to possibly buy multiple from you.
  • Plays well with Etsy.  You can import over from Etsy and not have double set up.  I will talk about Etsy another day.

Here are the negatives:

  • New on the online seller scene
  • Not as big as Etsy or Ebay but growing quickly.

I think it is a great idea to run your items on multiple sites.  If you remain organized and remember to adjust your sites as items sale, it is great to have the exposure on different websites.  This is one that you never have to wonder what the monthly cost will be and you can budget that into your prices.





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    I wish someone could come up with something that would outdo ebay! They are no longer seller friendly for people wanting to sell a few items. Such high fees too! I’ll check out artfire.

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    Mercedes says

    I recently started selling home made wax melts for wax burners similar to scentsy but cheaper. I thought doing a free sample thing would maybe help boost the business as well. Please feel free to email me if interested


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