Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative ways to save money in your household will help jump start  staying on budget.  If you are one that has always been on a budget, finding new ways to save money is refreshing and also helps encourage you to keep staying on track.

If you don’t have a budget, I HIGHLY encourage you to start a budget.  A simple budget to start out with will be eye opening and will show you where you are investing you money.  I bet you will be surprised how much money is being spent on things that really don’t matter.

Make a goal this year to try one or two strategies to save money.  I can almost guarantee that if you try it, you will enjoy the challenge and will start looking for other ways to save money.

Here are a few suggestions for being creative in saving money.

  • Do your own manicures.  By a kit at the beauty supply store and start doing your own at home.  This is a $30 savings every 4-6 weeks if you do this on a consistent basis.  That is $270 savings a year.
  • Shop Craigslist, consignment sales, yard sales and Ebay first for children’s clothes and like new toys.  Kids grow out of their clothes so fast and the toy get passed on so fast that why not buy them gently used from a second hand option.  Based on your  spending habits, this could be a HUGE savings on your budget.
  • Borrow items from a friend.  Do you need special outfit that you will only wear once?  Find a friend that is your same size and see if they have an outfit that would fit for the occasion.  Special outfits could be priced as high as $150 or more if you go to the department store to purchase.
  • Tools.  Have a special project around the house that needs a tool that you don’t have.  Think before you run to Home Depot.  Do you have a friend that you borrow the tool from?  Don’t feel like you need to stock up your tools especially if you are like us and it will not be used but maybe once in a blue moon.
  • Kids Eat Free Nights.  Eating out is VERY expensive.  Eating out for your budget needs to become a treat and not a normal occurrence but even as a treat, find places that does Kids Eat FREE to frequent.  Usually if they have a kids eat free menu, it is also a place that kids enjoy eating.  Win Win, kids are happy and budget is happy.
  • Avoid the high price coffee shops.  Brew your own coffee or try McDonald’s coffee.  It is just $1 and I think it is excellent.  Medium coffee with 3 creams….. that is my regular thanks to my friend Cindy on getting hooked on it.

This is just a few suggestions that I challenge myself with and it helps keep my budget in line.

Start  out with a budget and be responsible on managing your money and resources.  Who knows you might find that you have money that could help others in need that you didn’t even know you had.


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    I’ve heard of a few people saving with their children’s things through craigslist. I’ve thought about it a few times but a little scared of the spam and I don’t feel quite safe on there. I was lucky to find a local group for my parish on facebook. Maybe you could try there as well, I felt a lot better trading and selling things with the locals in my town =)

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    Lately I have become addicted with selling stuff on Ebay. I am trying to not get addicted lol but I can’t help it!! People will buy anything on that site! And it’s very easy to do. Also, you can sell stuff on Amazon though I haven’t been quite as successful. Another way I save money is I have joined coupon traders and I will trade to get more coupons that I need which helps. I also shop at our local goodwill. It sounds crazy but if you pick through you can find brand new name brand stuff in there. Saving money is my thing and once you start you never want to pay full price for anything again. It’s another addiction of mine. Wow, I must have an addictive personality. LOL well good luck on saving money!!

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    I think these are some great tips. We do a lot of thrift store shopping for our kids clothes. is very popular as well, but I have yet to actually try it.

    I also found many other ideas through Pinterest as well. That site is dangerous. :)

    Great post.

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    Recently, I’ve started writing book reviews for various sites in exchange for free books. :)

    It’s a great way to save money and continue reading great books!

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    Great ideas! We frequently borrow tools from friends and family when we are working on certain projects around the house. I also brew my own coffee every day. However, every once in awhile I do splurge on a Starbucks drink!

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    Hubby definitely always checks with his dad and friends for tools before we buy or rent anything. Any repair or home improvement that you can do yourself definitely helps to save money as well!

    Another tip is to buy produce and fruit in season….and if possible buy in bulk or visit pick your own farms. Then freeze or process the excess to eat all year round.

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    after reading this and paying 45.00 today on getting my nails filled and repaired (I get a professional gel/acrylic mix) I decided to go on ebay and buy all the supplies i need to do it myself… all the way to the UV light to dry and electric nail file… maybe if I get good I can charge my gfs and make some $$ lol!

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    I recently borrowed a big bag of maternity clothes from a friend. It was so nice to have more variety in my wardrobe without having to go out and buy clothing that would have only fit for a few months. :-)

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    Great tips for keeping your budget in check! We like to frequent our local thrift store for deals- we just bought a set of bunk beds for our girls for $30, and we’ve gotten a matching set of vintage coffee mugs for under $1! We also discovered that we can have a super cheap date night by going to the bar in town, having a soda and playing pool for a couple hours! (It was only 50 cents per game!)

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    I’m fairly frugal and already do some of the suggestions on your list…but I’m totally intimidated about making a budget. With 5 kids…expenses can be kind of big…and sometimes vary quite a bit, month to month… Tax time seems to be the time we inevitably review our spending patterns and it’s sometimes eye-opening and a little depressing.
    Hmmm….I’d love to figure out how to sell stuff on ebay…

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    I’m a firm believer in hand me down clothes. Even as the oldest girl in my family, my mom always got my clothes from friends and neighbors. The beginning of school was the onlt time I got a new outfit or two from the store. My kids are getting used to sharing now as well. Especially since I had 3 girls right in a row. I hang onto everything to pass from one kid to the next. It saves us so much money.

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    I love your advice. Believe it or not a lot of it has never occurred to me. I’d love to check in regularly and get more advice. Funny timing too, on Saturday I coloured my own hair for the first time in years. Being at home with 5 month old doesn’t leave much time for hair salon trips. I am not sure why that option hasn’t occurred to me until I spoke to a friend who does her own colour, but I’m so happy I did.

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    I love budgets and I use them every day. I am still a little over budget as I am paying off all my debt this year. I have no credit cards and I don’t buy much except my starbucks, I could stop, but thats my only expense that is more than I should spend. I need to start using craigslist again to sell items in my home that I don’t want to put in a yard sale. I also want to start a shop on my blog which will bring in some spending money.

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    I LOVE yard saling 😉 my best friend and I share a lot of stuff and we are going to start freezer cooking together as well! So exciting! Great post and thanks for the ideas!

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    Budgeting is sooooo important! I use an app on the ipad called Expense tracker, and it really helps us to see where our money is going through the month so we can make changes to our spending accordingly. Being a mom, I have also found that consignment stores and stores like Once Upon a Child, have been a lifesaver to our budget! I dare not spend full price on brand new clothes and shoes that will only fit my kiddo for a short time. I prefer to buy gently used (that pretty much look brand new!) and save a ton of money! For example, my 2 year old has had name brands like Puma, Nike, Carters, for like $4-$5 a shirt or pair of shoes, compared to the full price and they look new! I don’t know what I would do without that store!

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    We are on a budget! Before the holidays last year we were almost debt free (still have a car and the mortgage to pay off). We got rid of all the credit card debt that has been following us. We did a good job of keeping it off and then the holidays came :( February is the month it will all be back to just the car and mortgage. Hoping to have the car paid off sooner than my hubby thinks :)

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    Kim says

    I love to get manicures!!! It’s how I pamper myself. I love to pamper myself and my son. My husband pampers his self too!! Looks like I don’t have a budget…but we do okay!!


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