DIY Home Gym – Exercise at home and save money

workout at home Gyms are expensive.  Even if they are running a “special” they are still expensive.  You can buy just

a few items and have your own DIY Home gym.   You can exercise at home and save money.

It is so hard for me to stick to an exercise regiment.  My husband wants to exercise and we did a gym membership that worked great for us for about 5 months….. well you know what happened after 5 months, we quit  and then we were still paying for the membership because we said we would go back…. never did.

I got to thinking….. we could do things at home that would help us.  Maybe that would be an incentive.  I have to admit …. right now, I am still struggling to get motivated but I want to, REALLY, honey, I want to.  I think he is to the point he will believe it when he sees it.

Check out these items that I have found on Amazon that helps get your DIY gym ready.

Da Vinci Weighted 10 ft Adjustable Speed Cable Jump Rope, Sky Blue  Price is $9.95

KAZE SPORTS Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Bands (Set of 5)   Price $18.55

Dynatronics – Neoprene Dumbbell, 5 lb Green PN# NDBC5  Price $11.45 each  = $22.90

Tone Fitness Stability Ball, 55cm  $14.00


This all adds up to $65.40  That is a little less than 3 months of what we paid for a gym membership for one.  There are so many apps on the phones now to do exercise as well to make your workout at home be successful.

If you are struggling with joining a gym and not sure if the commitment is there for long term or if you would really get the benefit of a large gym, you might consider this alternative.





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    Its so hard to justify the cost of a gym when I have other obligations so having the option to exercise at home helps me take care of myself and my family and stay within budget. Thanks for the ideas.

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