FREE: Download Bible in any translation



While looking for a Bible to purchase in Russian I ran across this site and I am so excited to share with you.
Bible League International is an organization that provides Bibles in many different languages.  Just think of ALL the possibilities  that you can use this for.

  • You can download on to a thumb drive a Bible and share it with a friend that needs a Bible.
  • Print different scriptures to share with people to encourage them even if they can’t speak your language
  • Use it yourself to learn a verse in another language to where you can speak the verse to someone of a different language.

On the recource tab they also have 3 more downloads.

  • 21 Days with Jesus – Walks you through the book of John
  • 14 Days of Prayer – Directs you over 14 days to pray for the persecuted church
  • Word Power App –  It is for your I phone or Android to help and remind you to walk daily with the Lord
My mind is just popping all over the place right now and I am having to resist the urge to download all the versions of the Bible on a thumb drive.  The gospel is alive and I am excited to share this site with you.


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