How to get cash fast


How to Get Cash Fast

Since it is the first of the year, many people are trying to figure out how to pay for the Christmas bills that are now rolling in or the high electric bills due to the cold weather.  Here is a few ways you could get some cash fast to help bridge the gap in your cash flow.

  • See your electronics that you don’t use.  You can sell to many different online companies but the one that has a high rating and seems to give the best return is
  • Have you got clothes that are still in great condition for you or your children?   Sell their clothes that they have outgrown to Thredup.  (just for signing up you get $10 to spend!!!)
  • Sell you books, CD, & DVDs that you are not using any longer.  We have a Half Price Bookstore in our city that we use often to “recycle” our stuff but you can  also use Amazon to sell your books, Chegg, or check out for selling your used books and textbooks. Shipping is FREE!
  • Join a Yard Sale group in your area on Facebook.  This is a great way to sell items and not have to ship them.  It works a lot like Craig’s list but it is more controlled and less spam. I am enjoying the groups that I am in for my city and neighborhood.
  • Do you have a stack of giftcards that you won’t use or really don’t need?  You can sell to Cardpool and get up to 92% of the value of the card.  You can check your cards on the site for the offer price.



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    Cheryl says

    Love the online yard sale groups, but found one that’s easier to navigate than FB groups: There are groups for specific areas as well as groups for any area. Another way to make some money is posting items you make! Thanks for the info, good stuff!

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