Time to turn up the heat with Swagbucks

  Search & Win

I have been slacking! I have to admit, I have got out of the habit of using Swagbucks as my search engine.  It is not set as my home page and I just have got out of the habit of going to Swagbucks instead of Google.  I checked my account today and I have enough for a $25 gift card and didn’t even realize it.  The great thing about it is that it is FREE money. 

I don’t have to do anything but what I normally do on the internet, search different sites….. I get rewarded with Swagbucks to search.

Ok, who is with me?  It is time to get serious and earn swagbucks daily.  I need to make some extra Christmas spending money. 

If you have not signed up, you can here and you will get swagbucks in  your account just for signing up!!

Once you are signed up, you can go to the promote tab and let all your friends know about it and you will earn 1 swag buck everytime they earn a swag buck, up to the first 1000 swagbucks!!!

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